Long and newsy post for the week

03 Feb

Mostly because of work stress, but quite a week in general.

I had a major work deadline Wednesday, which has the potential to impact my situation through 2015. It’s done and (I think) done well, and off for results. I also had a major work review Monday, with potentially even further-reaching consequences. No firm news there, yet, either. Now just to let those two things percolate through their processes, while catching up on tasks that I’d been meanwhile putting off.

The other  aspect is that I was completely fried by Wednesday night. I’m a hard worker generally, putting in long and odd hours, but the last couple of weeks building up to the deadline required exceptional focus. I am, however, getting better at seeking balance — and seeking help to keep the balance — than I’ve been in the past. Jalan helps that, too.

First, I declared last Saturday off. Jalan’s had heavy stresses during this period, too,  and we have not had enough focused time together lately, even though, one way and another, we’ve been physically together close to 24/7. We slept in Saturday, had lunch with friends, then visited other friends for a Monty Python night. Sunday, we returned and I buckled down again.

By Tuesday, I was burning out. I needed the evening off, but wasn’t sure I could do it by my own discipline. I asked Jalan for help in this, explaining that my own will would probably be enough, but it wouldn’t be pleasant. She told me to make sure I’d done all the have-tos before we got up from dinner, because there wouldn’t be anything else that night. Some required relaxation ensued, and was what I needed.

Wednesday, I was back at it — got the deadline met, and significant progress on the next project, but still exhausted. Thursday, we planned a date. I had to work a couple of hours in the morning, but then we checked out a wedding venue that looks very promising, went to see Haywire (good for what it is, not groundbreaking), then dressed up and went to dinner at one of our city’s best restaurants. Oh, my goodness, that was fine food. Thank the FSM for LivingSocial! Then she treated me to a scenario of my devising back at home. This entry is not a scene report, but suffice to say I was completely spent by the end.

She’s good to me. Perverts in love.

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One response to “Long and newsy post for the week

  1. Craig

    February 3, 2012 at 7:34 am

    It is always good to treat ones self when you can.


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