Scene report (NSFWtext) and feeling better

02 Nov

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Both Jalan and I have had mood and anxiety issues, as well as the general busyness of life. Yesterday, we both felt better, she had the day off, we had a date, and a helluva night. We had been out for lunch and run some errands, and had a date for a late afternoon matinee movie. She asked how much time we had before we left, then took about twice that, but it was well worth it — dressed to kill in a tight red and black dress, over-the-calf black spike-heel boots, and made up face. She asked if it was “too much,” but we agreed that on Halloween, it was not. After the movie, I asked if there was any immediate plan — not wanting to get into anything else if there were. She said no, so I started my usual leisure “rounds” online, including taking care of business that might otherwise nag that evening. I was near the end of it when she perched on the edge of my chair, leaning into me, to watch me read Twitter. Sometimes when she does something like that she wants me to get to a stopping point, sometimes she just enjoys holding my attention while I am doing other things. This time, I got the hint when she got up, came up behind my chair, and fastened and locked the play collar and leash around my neck. She led me up and toward the bedroom. I interjected to ask if this was the kind of “come with me” that should involve a bathroom stop first, and she said that was “probably a good idea.” Soon after, she had me sitting on the edge of the bed, leash held short with the chain wrapped in her fist, kissing hard. Next, I was ordered to strip, then she sat on the bed and directed me to all fours in front of her. Pointing to her right foot, “Starting at the toe, kiss my boot, all the way up.” I did so, of course — slow, open kisses, overlapping so I didn’t miss a spot, until I reached the top of her boot and the beginning of her leg. “Very good, now the other.” I did the same. This wasn’t easy for me to hold the position to do so, but she didn’t complain. When I’d gone up her left boot, though, she ordered, “Now that one again.” She didn’t say whether I’d done well or inadequately, just that she wanted it again. So I did. Jalan then handed me the leather wrist and ankle cuffs I usually wear — to bed every night, and on most play occasions. “I want you to put them on yourself.” I did so, and she then handed me the locks for the buckles. After I’d secured the cuffs, she had me lie on my back in the middle of the bed. Taking a long chain, she looped it through the D-rings on the cuffs so that my wrists were held tight beside my hips and my ankles drawn up. She stepped away, and, after rummaging in the closet for a moment, she returned. She started by propping up my head so she could affix one of our newest toys, a dildo-harness ball-gag. These have been showing up in toy stores and on porn a lot recently — the specific one we have has a ring base, rather than having a permanent dildo affixed, so we can use the dildo of our choice (and be easier to clean well). She snugged up the buckle, checked to see if it was too loose, then levered it another notch and locked it in place. She left me there for a few minutes, with the requisite, “Don’t go anywhere,” and spent a few minutes in the bathroom. When she came back, she had a dildo in hand and was rolling a condom onto it. This was also a recent purchase, mostly intended for use on me, as I’m fairly new to anal play — 7″ by 1-1/4″, curved for anal. She put on her strap-on harness, but then fastened the dildo to the gag and had me scoot down on the bed (easier said than done, with the chain), and began to lower herself. She decided she needed lube, and started slathering it on the dildo: “Plenty of lube, but none for your cock.” I grunted, and she understood, adding, “Not the one you can feel, anyway.” Note that she was still wearing the sexy dress and boots at this point. This is a new activity for us, and we both went at it with a will — her squatting and working her legs, me working my neck as best as I could. As she got more . . . vigorous, it was all I could do to keep my neck rigid and my teeth clenched on the ball, but she seemed to find this quite satisfactory! Jalan finally drew herself off of the dildo, and rested by my side for a few minutes. But the evening was not over. After she recovered, she took the pillow from under my head, then started changing around the bondage. She unchained my wrists and ankles, then told me to roll over on my front. With no pillow, and with both the tight gag and the tall collar on, I was lying pretty much with my face smashed into the bed. I felt the spreader bar be locked to my ankle cuffs (I’m pretty sure it was the 30″). She then pulled my hands together behind my back. They don’t go easily — I’m not small, and I’m not young — but she used the chain for leverage and hooked them up to the back of my collar, pulling a bit further. When she was satisfied, my legs were spread, my wrists were pulled up out of her way, and I was still tightly gagged, face in the mattress. Then she got the lube . . . We had never done strap-on play before, nor had I with anyone else. I’ve been on the receiving end of some anal play, including solo at Jalan’s direction, but I’ve alway been generally protective of my ass. But it seemed it was time. She smeared a large handful of lube around my asshole, then started working a finger in, then two. “Mmm, nice and loose. That will make this easier.” Then she laid up against me and whispered, “Because I want to fuck you in the ass.” Jalan worked pillows under my hips (“This will be easier for both of us”), then took off her boots for stability. Thus began my first pegging. Slow and easy at first, then more assertive. The sensation? I’d started pretty loose, so the narrow dildo wasn’t stretching me. But, yes, I definitely felt the thrusting! Especially as Jalan began it ramp up the tempo and force, as I seemed able to take it. By the end, she had one hand on my back, one hand grabbing my hair, and was riding me to her own orgasm — induced by the power, not by the physical stimulation. As we came down from that, she slipped a hand under and started stroking my cock. Not enough to do much more than wake it up, before letting go. Then some swats on my ass — not hard, I’m not a masochist, but enough to change the mood. Then reaching under again. Then more swats. I don’t know how many times. Finally, she moved away. “Figure out a way to roll over.” Not easy with the spreader and no hands, but I managed — I had incentive! When I was on my back again — legs still spread, hands still behind me, gag still tight — she lowered herself onto my cock. No lube needed by now! She knows which angles make it easy for me to come, and chose one of the others, riding me to her own orgasm again. She then took — pity? — on me and changed angles, moving up and down slowly. I didn’t know whether she’d let me come or not. When we’d had sex the previous night, she’d just stopped when she was done, before I was. But I was able to, grunting into the gag, and quivering. She asked if I came, and I nodded. “Good.”

Happy Halloween.

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