Social media and me (and Jalan)

01 Feb

I was ruminating this morning on my use of social media (primarily on the kink side), and realized I am, finally, in a blogging mood again. Thus, this post jumped the lengthy queue I keep of “topics I want to blog on.”

I am a moderately heavy user of social media for my kink life. Porn has a share, yes, but not just that.

  • If you’re reading this, you know that I actually blog (I’m writing this on WordPress at ) sporadically. I realized some time ago that, given that I have no interest in selling advertising, this blog is for my purposes. I hope that readers appreciate some parts of what they see here, but the content is what and when I feel like making it. Sometimes, it might be a flurry of posts over several days. At other times, it might be weeks or even months between occasions the mood hits. The content might be scene reports or discussions of chastity and denial (always a favorite for me), but more often is navel-gazing. mental health
  • I also cross-post this blog to my Tumblr ( ). My Tumblr feed is mostly for porn — chastity/denial, bondage (mostly women), latex, sweet pictures of D/s, and so forth. Oh, yeah — and boots. My “likes” page ( ) is public, and much busier than my actual Tumblr. That’s partly because I rarely reblog anything without a watermark. Quirk. My Tumblr feed also includes (non-face) pictures of me in bondage now and then.
  • My Fetlife page ( ) is not terribly busy. I mostly just read to keep up with friends’ doings. It also gets the pictures, though, and sometimes writings, but most of those are just reposts or minor edits of the WordPress entries.
  • I’m most active on Twitter, actually ( ). Mostly just chatty, but 140-character scene reports are not rare.
  • I had a kinky Facebook page, but de-activated it. I just wasn’t using it, and too many of my friends use vanilla IDs for me to be comfortable with my usual mode of smart-ass remark.
  • Google Plus ( ) is also a thing, but seldom used.
  • Pinterest, Amazon,
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