Health “care,” anger, and frustration

25 Jul

Yesterday’s testing did not go well. The testing itself was done by a pair of technicians who did not inspire confidence. The doctor came in at the end of the 2-hour appointment (+ 3+ hours’ driving) and said, “Great news! You don’t have LEMS.” And went on to say, basically, that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with me neurologically. And that the motor neuropathy that my local neurologist had detected in April didn’t show up, either.

She didn’t seem to understand why “no diagnosis” — and therefore no prospect of treatment — was not “great news” to us. I pointed out that I’m still getting sicker and asked about next steps, and she said that’s for the specialist, whom I’m still scheduled to see at the end of August.

I’ll be trying to get earlier in his books, in case he’s got more sense as to what’s going than did the test supervisor, as well as to see my internist again ASAP. But meanwhile, back to Square One. We don’t even know what the relevant specialty is now. And the stent, while a good thing in itself, has not helped my shortness of breath with any activity. So it, apparently, was not a major driver of the symptoms.

This update is discouraged and a little bit self-pitying. I didn’t post it yesterday because it would have been angry, and I didn’t want to record that here. But the steam was coming out of Jalan’s ears as we got back in the car. I was more stunned.

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One response to “Health “care,” anger, and frustration

  1. hisbabygirl7612

    July 25, 2013 at 10:49 am

    How frustrating!!! I’m sorry 😦


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