Back in the rhythm

09 Aug

First update: We got permission for sex, though we didn’t mention to the cardiologist just how, er, strenuous it might get for me. But no heart attack, so it’s all good. Very, very, good.

Second update: There has not been a lot of explicit follow-up between us on the subject of my July 22 post — new rules and structures to help us feel the D/s during this time of challenges and to help me stay focused on the things I want to prioritize (including the D/s itself). But having the conversation helped, and there have been little ways Jalan has been bringing it back into daily life. For example, yesterday, I was fighting a minor bug and at the bored/restless stage of recovery. Jalan made what I did next multiple choice: my choice, but from among the options she specifically allowed.

For a better example, while she was fondling me last night, she declared “no more masturbation until further notice,” then kissed me good night and rolled over. Long-time readers (i.e., from before the health issues struck hard some months ago and took over this blog) know that chastity/tease/denial/frustration are huge buttons for me. I promptly dreamt that I’d broken the rule.

Which reminds me of a third example from last night — overnight bondage of the “old normal” style — play collar locked on, leather wrist and ankle cuffs locked on, and padlocks linking ankles close together and wrists close together. Before I got sick, that was the norm and was at times exceeded. Now it’s harder on me for aches and such, and this was the most strictly bound I’ve been for sleep since pre-heart-surgery, but, oh, yeah!

Third update: Taking charge of my life again (the parts Jalan doesn’t always choose to dictate). I’ve determined I’m going to start cooking again, at least occasionally. I haven’t in months as it’s been too hard to stand in the kitchen long enough. But I’m finding recipes that require minimal standing time (e.g., slow cooker dishes with not a lot of ingredients). The Bastard (my new name for the illness) isn’t going to take that away.

Related to D/s: I only started loving to cook after Jalan required that I start doing some of it. I love it, I’m good at it, and I miss it.

Fourth update: Another taking charge: I’m contacting the Mayo Clinic to get some answers about The Bastard. Enough waiting around for doctors who don’t see it as a priority issue.

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