Cooking like a (not-really-the-) boss!

15 Aug

Yesterday, I achieved one of my strikes back against The Bastard. I haven’t done any significant cooking since the April worsening, though I’ve come to love doing it (with Jalan’s, er, encouragement) and have missed it.

I found a recipe for a slow-cooker jambalaya. Not a lot of chopping involved, toss it in the slow cooker, make rice in its cooker later, and done. Complete meal.

I got it going, pushing myself physically to get through, then sat down to rest. An hour later, I felt recovered enough to clean up after myself (not too much involved, given slow cooker), and did so. By then, my limbs were trembling and I was exhausted, but I’d prepared dinner and left a clean kitchen behind me.

Jalan took care of cooking the rice and dishing it up when she came home from errands and meeting a friend, mostly because I was napping at the time. And she took care of storing the leftovers — I’d tried, but I just didn’t have it in me.

The jambalaya was a bit over-spiced — I’d had to improvise substitutes for some of the blends in the recipe. Mixing black pepper, cayenne, and cracked red pepper in a dish with spicy sausage is easy to over-do. But it was good over rice, and the andouille was just right.

One thing and another, and victory! Take that, Bastard.

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