Chastity postponed

27 Sep


I came to an unpleasant realization yesterday, with which Jalan reluctantly agreed when I brought it up.

I am on powerful anti-platelet (i.e., blood-thinning, anti-clotting) medication until next Summer.

As is not uncommon with men wearing (especially steel) chastity cages, sometimes a bar of the cage will divide the urethral opening when I’m semi-erect. Sitting on the toilet in this state can result in pinching.

Sometimes bleeding.

Now, penes have a remarkably profuse blood supply (duh). If that were to happen while I’m on the medication, it would get very unpleasant very quickly.

As I said, I brought up this concern, and Jalan agreed that the belt should be out of use for the next several months. She also commented that she’d just begun making plans for it again, having missed the “desperate me” recently.

Jalan did, however, graciously reassure me that there will be other tease/denial mechanisms in play . . .

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Posted by on September 27, 2013 in Chastity and denial, Health


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