Getting what I wished for: Tease/denial report

13 Oct

I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t updated here since reporting on my e-mailed wish.

Jalan never directly answered the request. Her only comment was a day or two later, a murmured, “So, denial, huh?” in bed. But she was clearly paying attention.

My last non-ruined orgasm was September 4, almost 6 weeks ago. My last ejaculation of any kind was September 20, over 3 weeks ago, that I wrote up at the time. For scaling reference, the longest she’s denied me (to date) was 4 weeks, back around February this year. For about 3 weeks of that, I was in my chastity belt, which actually makes it much easier to take.

Since then, more often than not at night before I sleep, and sometimes during the day, she’s gone out of her way to fondle and tease me before expressing her hope that I sleep well. There have also been some rule updates. Among other things, the ruleset on masturbation went from something rather complicated to, “Do as you’re told.” And the rules on how to wake her included the addition, You will ask me each morning if I would like for you to get me off.” As we both remark in this context, my denial is not her denial.

So two noteworthy episodes since the last entry.

About a week ago, she suggested some casual bondage when we were at loose ends (NPI) for the evening. “Casual” does not necessarily mean “lax,” and almost never means “escapable.” So she chained me to the bed rather thoroughly, added a hood at my request, and let me simmer. The reason I bring this one up here is that she quite deliberately left my hands at my waist, with enough slack in the chain to easily reach my cock. Had I been allowed. She also took the occasion to mention this, in case I’d missed the point. Ha.

Two days ago, Jalan upped the ante. I went to shower in the afternoon before we prepared dinner (it was a lazy day). She directed me to put my leather wrist cuffs on afterward. Of course I did, after dressing, then came out and presented her two padlocks for them. Not much more was said until we were planning dinner and discussing the timing of my part, when she observed, “You’re wearing those cuffs for a reason.”

Once dinner was on, and she confirmed that there was a good 15-20 minutes before it needed tending, she led me to the bedroom and had me clasp my hands behind my back. She then pulled a third padlock from her pocket and linked my cuffs (we don’t do them that closely often, because I’m a big, middle-aged man with broad shoulders, and it’s pretty challenging). She then had me stand back against the bed and sit on the edge, then pushed me onto my back.

Then she unzipped my pants and expertly started orally teasing me (something else we don’t do often because I don’t come easily from oral, but I think that was rather the point this time). I’m under standing direction to let her know, if possible, when I’m near the edge, but it wasn’t necessary this time. After 3 (or 6) weeks of denial, she could easily read my responses and knew when to slow before resuming. After a while of edging me — I kind of lose track of time in such circumstances — she tucked my cock back in my briefs, zipped me up, helped me up, and unlocked me, then moved as if nothing had happened. I asked if it was dinnertime, and she replied, “That’s next on the agenda, yes.”

Getting what I wished for, and loving her for it. Even if my shoulders did ache yesterday.





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