Coming off of two months of denial

09 Nov

Tuesday night ended what was by far the longest period of orgasm denial Jalan has yet subjected me to. My last ejaculation had been on September 22, and my last non-ruined orgasm on September 4.

As she rode me while I was chained to the bed, at the end of a rip-roaring play session, I whispered, “Getting close, Ma’am.” I’m not ordinarily required to request permission to orgasm, or even necessarily warn her, though she prefers that I do the latter. In the past two months, she’d gone from that cue to stopping before I could climax. This time she kept right on, and within three seconds, it was a great night.

One of the cues she uses on our chastity/denial play is my randiness. It’s not rare for me to go into an almost asexual mode after a certain period. How long that period is depends on many things — whether I’m belted or simply denied; how much teasing and edging she does (or has me do); how I’m feeling overall — but at some point my libido gives up. When we’re actually touching and teasing, I get hornier than ever, but otherwise it’s mostly quiescent.

When this happens, it gets to be less fun for either of us. She might use her ways of ramping it up again, or might let me come, or might do neither and just leave me hanging (so to speak) with no idea what will happen next or when.

That last plays a role because Jalan’s keeping her play and sex plans for us almost wholly unpredictable is a key part of how we go about it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Posted by on November 9, 2013 in Chastity and denial


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