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24 Nov

I’ve been just starting to feel the itch for the left side of the slash, so threw up a CollarMe profile. I’m posting the text here, as well, for interested folks (not necessarily as a seeking, but for my friends and readers to see how I’m going about this).

I use the label “switch” on this profile. My best, current assessment of myself is that I enjoy being dominant, and I need to be submissive. Thus, when only in one D/s relationship, it is as my wife’s submissive. I am hers, to my core.

My name, Naga di Kandang, translates from Indonesian as “Caged Dragon.” As you’d expect, it was given by my wife, and has layers of meaning for us.

That said, we are somewhere on the open/poly spectrum, depending on just how a third (or fourth, actually) person fits in with us by personality and life circumstance. I am free to meet other play and/or sexual partners, and, yes, potential submissive partners. I have not recently met the woman (not excluding a female-identified trans* individual) who flips that dominant switch in me, but I would like to.

As always (at least for me) in a multiple-relationship situation, everyone would at least know of everyone else involved and be certain that there is consent. Though, to be clear, this is my seeking, not hers. Any relationship between my submissive and my dominant would be discussed, but not necessarily be anything more than friendly acquaintanceship.

Ok, that’s the preamble. Bondage is my primary kink, but not my only. I appreciate service, including sexual service. I happen to enjoy ordering people about. I am not, however, sadistic. Another play partner might be top or bottom, dom or sub, switch or switch. A relationship partner would be sub or switch, at least open to some service topping, and accept that I do not seek a second relationship dominant.

I am educated, professional, and kind.

If it matters, we have a private home with a well-equipped dedicated playroom, and enjoy cooking for company. 🙂

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Posted by on November 24, 2013 in D/s, General / Overhead


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