Changes, Part II: Moving

09 Mar

Second in a series . . .

This follows on quitting my job, but still wanting to be pay for groceries. I wrote before:

So I’m negotiating with several institutions (two of which I already moonlight for) to come on as part-time, hoping to build over time to full-time (or at least full-benefits threshold) at one of them. I’m also working up to actively marketing my consulting business — the full website should be online within a week, as well as an updated resume’ for freelance sites. I haven’t written one in decades, relying on the long CV academics use.

The full website isn’t online yet, because reasons, so I’m not really marketing yet. This makes me a little nervous, but we’ll get there. Jalan’s designed the look of the home page and I’ll start coding it this week when she turns it over to me; last week I was in too rough shape to take it on. Still refining the other page content, but it’s all on the way.

One of the things that would help in the part-time search is being available to come in for meetings, while still mostly working from home. One of the institutions I mentioned has already said that they’ll be able to get me more hours on those terms, though details are still in process. Getting up to 20 hours’ employment there would let us buy into health benefits (or 30 to get them as fringe), so we wouldn’t have to go the exchange route.

So, we’re moving. Jalan is working her (quite lovely) tail off getting our house ready for market. We’ve also contacted Realtors in both locations to help with the selling and the buying. And, since I still have a full-time paycheck for some months yet, we were able to pre-qualify for a modest mortgage that’s not contingent on the sale. It has to be in this order because cats. We’ll have to move, then have the carpet replaced throughout. And “modest” is good — we’ll be cutting our mortgage payments by between a quarter and a half, once the SC house sells. As long as we get enough out of the sale to pay the commission and pay ourselves back for the renovations, we’ll be ok, and that should be fine in our neighborhood.

Jalan winnowed the initial long list from the Realtor (e.g., no short sales that would need approval; no high-crime areas based on online maps — this is so much easier with online tools) and then yesterday we went through the remaining together, eliminating a few more.

There are 20-odd candidates remaining. Jalan will make a trip soon to look at at least the top half with the agent and then, when she’s got it down to a short list, we’ll go up together to decide what to offer on. I’d just slow her down on the first pass, even aside from having to figure out pet care. A lot of what we’re looking at are foreclosures and HUD homes, so negotiation doesn’t come into it, but the prices are low. And Jalan’s certainly willing and able to do the work to bring such a house to where we want it.

It’s a big deal, and a large stressor, and we’re still working on figuring out where the down payment would come from. Even with only 5% on a modest house, that’s cash we don’t have on hand. Then we’ve got roughly until late July to get up to replacement income between us as my full-time job runs out. Jalan is looking to go back to work after the moving and initial settling in, and I’m working my contacts.

All that said, it’s the right thing for us. The job prospects for both of us are better there; the health care is far better; and the cultural climate is more our speed — much higher value on education, among other differences.

Stressful, exciting, and the right plan.


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2 responses to “Changes, Part II: Moving

  1. nagadikandang

    March 9, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Already an update: The down payment is not going to be a worry. So we can sign a contract on a house as soon as we find one!

  2. slapshot

    March 9, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    This sounds exciting! While I realize that such big moves are stressful, ultimately the reward for final success will make it all worthwhile. All the best to you and Jalan as you go forward!


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