Updatery: The move and the ankle

15 Apr

TL;DR: A bunch of self-pitying griping, but things will wrap in a couple of weeks.

The move. Well.

The pre-qualification turned out not to be. We identified a house, made an offer, executed a contract. Then the mortgage broker said she couldn’t get it under-written. Nothing had changed in our data. Apparently she jumped the gun on the pre-qual letter.

We tried a second lender. No go.

A third lender actually did his homework and gave us a letter for the house contingent on selling our SC home. Cool. We negotiated with the seller to sign a 12-month lease, which would revert to the buy contract when our SC home sells.

Then the inspections.

Can you say, “Deathtrap?” boys and girls? I knew you could. House is uninhabitable, even aside from the soil contamination.

So Jalan is currently looking at rentals in the same area. We did the same process, a long list down to a short list, and she’s got appointments for a few viewings tonight and tomorrow. She’ll sign a lease, and then we’ll move.

Then there’s the part where she does all the work of the move. Even aside from the chronic fatigue syndrome limiting me, I managed to sprain my ankle in early April. Stepped off a curb wrong and took a fall. That ankle’s been sprained multiple times before, so the ligament is getting really weak. I saw urgent care the day of, then my internist today to update the assessment and recommendations. He wants me on crutches for now, splinting it for three months, and rehabbing it. He also wants me to buy high-top sneakers.

Jalan’s already been busting her ass (and believe me, we want nothing bad to happen to Jalan’s ass) on the move, as well as all the physical labor of seeding a lawn (weedkilling, tilling, raking, seeding, fertilizing, rolling, watering) as we definitely can’t afford sod. And now I can’t even do more than my minimal personal care in the house.

It’s frustrating for both of us. This was going to be hard enough to get everything together for the move, the home sale, the job change, and so on. Then the shenanigans with the house, a last-minute switch to a plan to rent, and me incapacitating myself. I do what I can — I manage the calls to the potential homes, track the finances, etc. But Jalan’s stretched thin. And there’s nobody to blame. Just one damned thing after another.


But one way or another, we’ll be moved within, probably, three weeks. Jalan will still need to come back to SC a couple of times to get the house ready before it goes on the market. But we’ll be stabilizing in our new home. Until we do this again next year, but at least not long distance and having to come out from under another mortgage first.

And there have been bright spots: Our buyer’s agent has been fantastic, even though her commission fell through. The inspector was a lifesaver (perhaps literally). We didn’t buy a falling-down house. We’ll make it work. And do so together. As with everything.

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